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Razzamajazz Book 2 by Sarah Watts

The second installment in the Razzamajazz series continues the jazzy style and shorter tunes of the previous book. The accompaniment can be downloaded from the website and comes on CD. There are still two tracks available (one slower and one faster) for all tunes. The playful nature of these is also continued not just in title. New notes are again introduced with a fingering and a few songs using it. Most of the dynamics in these tunes are in the mezzo range, with a few crescendos and decrescendos. The use of what I call “road maps” is far more used in this book like D.S. al Coda and D.S. al Fine. An interesting feature in the second book is the use of improvisation! Some of the tunes come with a set of notes spanning up to two octaves to use over the accompaniment as a fully improvised piece! These improvisations are done in simple as well as compound meters, and in several keys. In the rhythm department, most rhythms are pretty straight forward with some syncopation towards the end, but head up for the set of super triplets near the end of the book. With the accompaniment demonstrating a swing beat and the improvisation elements, this could be a great intro to jazz book.

Razzamajazz Book 2 Cheat Sheet
Download PDF • 745KB


  • New notes introduced one at a time

  • Includes fingerings for new notes

  • Piano accompaniments included on CD and online

  • Tracks included “practice tracks” with a slower tempo as well as performance tracks at prescribed tempos

  • Metronome markings given for every piece (practice and performance)

  • Jazzy tunes with swing beats on accompaniment

  • Some pieces allow for improvisation with a wide range of notes to use

  • Range of notes: C1-D3

  • Order of notes: (B1, A1, G1, C2, D2, E1, D1, F1, Bb1, F#1 from Book 1) E2, F2, F#2, G2, C#2, A2, G#2, C1, Eb1, Eb2, B2, C3, G#2, D3, Bb2, C#3

  • Rhythms: quarter notes/rests, half notes/rests, whole notes/rests, eighth notes, dotted quarter ADD: dotted half, syncopation, quarter-note triplets,

  • Time Signatures: 4/4, 6/8, 3/4

  • Key Signatures: no sharps/flats, one sharp, two sharps, three sharps, one flat

  • Other: fermata, dynamics, tempo markings, accents, ties, staccato, tenuto, slur, repeat sign, D.S. al Fine, D.S. al Coda

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