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About My Teaching and Performing

I have been teaching for over 10 years in northern Virginia (NoVA) and recently moved to Barre, VT. Inspired by the teachings of Orff, Kodaly, Dalrcroze, and others my students are ages 4-adults  (socially distanced and with precautions) as well as online from our respective homes. We do recitals about twice a year, the past few have been recorded on CDs for each student due to COVID restrictions. I love teaching students of all ages, as well as other flutes like piccolo and low flutes. I am also a performer, ask about weddings or other services. If you are interested in lessons or hiring me for a performance, please email me at or using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Lessons: About

Barre, VT

Classes held at Barre Congregational Church

Instruments and duckies

starting in January day/time TBA

Ages 5-6 Using Nuvo Instruments which are made of plastic and silicone making them lightweight and easy to clean, we start with iconic notation for reading music. I use a variety of activities to engage students in the very basics of making music and playing an instrument. Instruments may be purchased or rented from me.

Seven Stars Trial Lesson Flyer_edited_edited.jpg

starting in January day/time TBA

Ages 7-9 Perfect for beginners! Using standard notation, choose from jFlute, Clarinéo, jSax or jHorn. These instruments are a little bigger for a little bigger hands and arms. They are still made of plastic and silicone and also may be rented from me or purchased. Many more games and activities all age appropriate.


Tuesdays 9:30-10:15 Winter Session starts December 5
Saturdays 10:30-11:15 Winter Session starts December 9

Ages 0-4 with parents or guardian. This is a music exposure class with many songs and silly activities! Bond with your child through music activities. These sessions run for 10 weeks each, with a break in summer. Tuition includes access to the App and a songbook with all the songs will be singing for that session.


Saturdays 9:30-10:15
Winter Session starting December 9

Ages 4-6 with parents or guardian. This is a music exposure class with many songs, similar to the mixed ages version of this but with a few things to make it more age appropriate for this range. These sessions run for 10 weeks each. Tuition includes access to the App and a songbook with all the songs we will be singing for the session.

Please reach out with any questions! Let me know if you'll be requesting Barre classes or Seven Stars, Sharon classes. That helps me give you the right directions.

Lessons: Schedule

Looking for something else?

Here is a list of classes I can offer with enough interest, but are not yet scheduled:

  • The Music Class Big Kids Ages 5-6

  • The Music Class Infants and Newborns

  • Group Flute Lessons - Middle and High School age, or adults

  • What to Listen for in Classical Music - Adults and Teenagers (separate classes)

  • Music Theory for Beginners - Adults and Teenagers (separate classes)

  • WindStars 3 - continuation of WindStars 2

Lessons: Welcome

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