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About My Teaching and Performing

I have been teaching for over 10 years in northern Virginia (NoVA) and recently moved to Barre, VT. Inspired by the teachings of Orff, Kodaly, Dalrcroze, and others my students are ages 4-adults  (socially distanced and with precautions) as well as online from our respective homes. We do recitals about twice a year, the past few have been recorded on CDs for each student due to COVID restrictions. I love teaching students of all ages, as well as other flutes like piccolo and low flutes. I am also a performer, ask about weddings or other services. If you are interested in lessons or hiring me for a performance, please email me at or using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Lessons: About

The Music Class® with Larissa West

Offered in two locations:

Barre Congregational Church, Barre, VT

Seven Stars Arts Center, Sharon, VT

No summer session this year. Yes, to fall! Ask me about a trial lesson, which is to be announced.

$150 for 10-week session

Please reach out for other times!

Please reach out for other times!

Music Pups® from The Music Class® is a class for parents/guardians and children ages birth through 4. It is interactive and uses many fun songs and rhymes from many cultures. In class we will sing, dance, and play lots of fun instruments as well as learn to sing some basic tonal and rhythmic patterns. For more information, please click the Tell Me More! button below.

The winter session will be starting in Barre on January 11 at 1:00 p.m. at Barre Congregational Church. Click Sign me up! for further questions or to register. Classes will be $150 for a 10-week session. This will turn into an online class if COVID or weather prevents us from meeting in-person.

Lessons: About Me

Nuvo Windstars 1 Class

Using the WindStars curriculum, children ages 5 and up can start wind instruments before band begins! Using Nuvo instruments which are made of plastic and silicone making them completely submersible in water. In these classes we use a variety of activities and games as well as instruments to learn the basics of music and learning an instrument. I use these activities for finger work, breathing, learning to read rhythms and music itself.

$100 per month plus instrument rental.

Ask about WindStars 2!

This class is offered at Seven Stars Arts Center, Sharon, VT.

Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m.

Click Sign me up! for further questions or to register. Just want to drop in? Let me know so I have enough materials!

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Lessons: Projects

Lessons and Classes

I would love a future of musicians dedicated to a lifelong love of listening to and creating music. Music lessons with me are used to empower students to be the best at being themselves. I use guided activities that use listening, movement, and creative exploration to reinforce sound, steady beat, rhythms and other music concepts. For my older students, I help them to develop a unique practice routine and allow them to help select music to be performed at studio classes and recitals. I use online studio classes monthly to show support for each other as well as individual progress.


Young Beginner Pre-Band Instrumental Lessons

These lessons are for the beginning flutist ages 4-9, I like to use instruments known as Dood and Toot by Nuvo Instruments. These are plastic instruments with a high-quality sound, lightweight, easily washed because of the open holes, and cost-effective. Once the Dood and/or Toot have been mastered, we can move on to other instruments like the jFlute, Clarineo, jSax, or even jHorn! Fun games for breathing, listening and other musical things are also done in these lessons so students emerge ready for "real" band instruments by the time schools are ready for band to start!

For more on the Dood and Toot check out the Nuvo Instrument website. Click here.


Beginning Band Flute Lesson

Students starting flute in band or orchestra often have the disadvantage of their flute sound not being heard and difficult fingerings right off the bat. I focus on sound and breathing often in the beginning lessons with some tips and tricks to aid in the fingering dilemmas.  For these lessons I use the class book to start off with to save confusion over notes. We work on basics of music using games, listening exercises, improvisation games and composition. The student is expected to have a flute, and time out to practice!

Image by Rajesh Kavasseri

Intermediate to Advanced Flute Student

This usually describes the student that has been playing for a few years. I take great care to find the method book and supplements to match the student with what they enjoy. Things usual students work on include scales, arpeggios, audition prep, breathing challenges, improvisation and composition, and more depending on student preferences.

Image by Ani Adigyozalyan

Young at Heart Adult Student

I won't mention age here so, these lessons are for the person who is not in school any more, and either wants to learn to play the flute from scratch or brush up on a their skill level. I have some special tips and tricks up my sleeve for these students. Lessons for these are offered as either regular weekly lessons or a few here and there for fresh ideas to just get practicing again!

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