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I'm Larissa West and, since 2008, I've performed and taught flute. Flute is my passion. I hold a Bachelor's of Music Education and a Master's of Flute Pedagogy both from Shenandoah University. I've created this blog to fill in gaps in my own knowledge of flute pedagogy. Much of the content you'll read is what I've found myself sharing with students and other professionals time and again. I know firsthand this is often an expensive and overwhelming process for an individual, and I would like this blog to serve as a resource for  those who might want to consider a different approach to their lessons. I hope you will join me on this journey into music and teaching.

I am married to my wonderful husband of 12 years, Jeffrey. He is supportive, encouraging, and has helped me a great deal along the way (including reading my blogs before I post them live). I love to garden and preserve vegetables, and enjoy crocheting.

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About Lessons

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What to Expect in Lessons

  • Technology: Use of Apps and outside websites. Students are encouraged to use these outside of lessons as well. I will place links to these resources on my website.

  • Games: Lessons will frequently incorporate games and other unconventional materials to reinforce learning of musical concepts, breathing, and finger dexterity.

  • Group Lessons: These are optional and currently limited given my current teaching space.

  • Tailored Lesson Plans: I specifically work outside of the lesson to come up with a lesson plan specially tailored to the needs and likes of the student or group.

  • An encouraging learning environment! I want your student to learn about and love music! This happens through fun, silliness, and encouragement.

  • Use of percussion instruments! This is a fun way to reinforce learning or rhythms, steady beat, and ear training.

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