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Learn to Play Flute! Duets by William Eisenhauer

This is a book of duets that starts off simply and moves progressively to more difficult material. These are a nice supplement to the Learn to Play Flute! books, or another method book. Both parts of all the duets are intended to be played by the student (with someone else helping on the other part, of course). When played together, the parts run in and out of parallel rhythms, gently encouraging independence. The duets are arrangements of pieces from folk songs (of several countries), as well as composers like Gluck, Mozart, Chedeville, Kohler, and Foster (Stephen). The pieces range from two-line pieces to full two-page pieces, some with repeats making them much longer. The book takes you eventually through to 6/8 patterns and triplets, then abruptly to sixteenth notes, alla breve, and syncopation. The book is drawn into 10 sections making it a nice resource for extra help or sight-reading. Interestingly, the last page of the book has one-sentence biographies for every composer in the book.

Learn to Play Flute Duets Cheat Sheet
Download PDF • 499KB


  • Range of notes: E1-G3

  • Rhythms: wquarter notes, half notes, whole notes, quarter rests, dotted half notes, dotted quarter-eighths, sixteenth notes

  • Time Signatures: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 6/8

  • Key Signatures: ·no flats/sharps, one flat, two flats, three flats, four flats, one sharp, two sharp

  • Other: repeats, D. C. al Fine, trills, grace notes, Dynamics, Poco rit., Staccato, slur

  • fermata, tenuto, accent

  • Book of easy duets meant to accompany the Learn to Play Flute! books

  • Both parts may be played by the student

  • Parts go in and out of parallel rhythms

  • Duets arranged from works of folk songs, Gluck, Mozart, Chedeville, Kohler, and (Stephen) Foster

  • In successive order of grading

  • Table of contents shows 10 sections featuring limited range, key signatures, and rhythms

  • Length ranges from a few lines to full two-pages

  • Some songs have repeats making the song a lot more lengthy than first appears

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