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Colorful Flute Etudes 2nd and 3rd Year by Ansje de Groef

This delightful collection of etudes offers a selection of tunes to supplement technique and imaginations. With titles like “Lavender Fields,” “Disco,” and “Russian Roulette,” who wouldn’t want to practice? Most of the pieces are fairly short, but the longer ones do offer nice contrasting sections like staccato vs. tenuto. Within these pieces one can also venture into form with frequent occurrences of ternary, binary and other forms thrown in.

Most pieces in the 2nd year book fall within the notes of the key signatures, but beware of a couple sneaky accidentals like G# and D#! The 2nd year book also features scales/arpeggios before the individual pieces offering clues into what may be coming in the etude, like rhythm or articulation challenges, as well as basic finger builders.

The third year book offers many more accidentals and use of chromatic passages. Some pieces have larger leaps working in the low register with quick transitions to high register. As in the 2nd year book there are a variety of articulations with more ornaments thrown in. One piece even offers a cadenza!


  • Range of notes: E1-F3

  • Rhythms: quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes, dotted quarter, dotted half notes, syncopation, sixteenth notes

  • Time Signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, cuttime

  • Key Signatures: no sharps/flats, one flat, one sharp, two flats, two sharps, three flats

  • Other: slurs, dynamics, cresc/decresc, staccato, tenuto

  • Beginning of each book shows range, scales, and time signatures used in the book

  • Each piece is preceded by a scale/arpeggio to be used in the piece

  • Covers major and minor keys

Colorful Etudes 2nd Year Cheat Sheet
Download PDF • 887KB


  • Range of notes: C1-A3

  • Rhythms: eighth notes, sixteenth notes, quarter notes, syncopation, half notes, dotted quarter

  • Time Signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 12/8, 4/4, 3/8, mixed meter

  • Key Signatures: one sharp, one flat, two flats, two sharps, no sharps/flats, three sharps

  • Other: dynamics, trill, slur, staccato, cadenza, chromatics, mordent

  • Cadenza!

  • Use of mixed meter

  • Use of chromatics, and more accidentals

  • Large leaps in one piece

  • Work within low octave and high octave in same piece

Colorful Etudes 3rd Year Cheat Sheet
Download PDF • 766KB

In my next post, I'll talk about the other two etudes books in this collection: Intermediate and Advanced. See you then!

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