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Rubank Solos - Easy and Intermediate compiled by H. Voxman

These are two books meant to supplement the curriculum of the Rubank books (*cough* moldy oldy *cough*). These are taken from the “traditional” flute curriculum and edited by H. Voxman with piano accompaniment that may be found online with book code. Pieces included are edited from works of Handel, Mozart, Schubert, Rameau, Rimsky-Korsakov and others. The first two pieces are half pages with repeats, but later pieces are one-page pieces some repeats.

The “Easy Level” book sticks to meters in common time with key signatures starting with no flats/sharps and going up to 2 sharps and 4 flats. Many of the rhythms are fairly straightforward, while also throwing in a few triplets and some syncopation. The range is quite broad for what I would consider easy, but not beginner (in my experience) going from D1-A3. Maybe I just need an adjustment on my thinking? Other things to keep you on your toes include trills, grace notes, accents, and other style markings as well as a variety of tempo markings.

The “Intermediate Level” seemed a bit of a jump more than a step to me on the technical level. These pieces are definitely longer (still mostly one-page, but smaller print) and many more repeats in varying degrees. The key signatures remain the same, but there are more runs with less common accidentals or many small leaps. Key signatures stay the same as well as range of notes. There are only a few anomalies like the double sharp (!!!!) or the double-dotted note that may throw one for a loop.

These books are great if you need to expand some vocabulary or work some ornaments. I will never complain about the amount of ornaments in the “moldy oldies”. The styles will keep one on their toes as you bounce through the different eras, but there is a strong lack of diversity in the more modern sense.

Rubank Easy Solos Cheat Sheet
Download PDF • 402KB

Rubank Intermediate Solos Cheat Sheet
Download PDF • 372KB


Flute Solos with Piano Accompaniment (Easy Level)

  • Pieces include: Handel: Bourree and Menuet from Flute Sonata No. III; Andersen ed. By H. Voxman: Elegie, Op. 55, No. 1; C.W. von Gluck, trans. H. Voxman: Gavotte from “Don Juan”; A. Gretchaninoff trans. H. Voxman: First Waltz; Gossec ed. H. Voxman: Gavotte; arr. Clarence E. Hurrell: The Lonely Birch Tree, Russian Folk Song; W.A. Mozart trans. H. Voxman: Menuett Paysanne; G.F. Handel trans. H. Voxman: Petite Gavotte; Franz Schubert trans. By H. Voxman: Round Dance; C.W. von Gluck trans. H. Voxman: Spirit Dance from “Orpheus”; N. Miaskovsky trans. H. Voxman: Two Russian Songs; M. Hauser arr. Adolf Hass: Song Without Words, Op. 37, No. 1; Arline Hinkson: Valse Petite

  • Piano accompaniment is available online as a recording or may be printed

  • Time Signatures: 2/2, ¾, 4/4,

  • Key Signatures: G, F, C, D, Bb

  • Range of notes: D1 to A3

  • Rhythms: quarter notes, eighth notes, dotted quarter-eight, dotted quarter-two sixteenths, sixteenths (in common time and cuttime), offbeat notes, dotted eighth-sixteenth, eighth note triplets, syncopation

  • Road Maps: repeats, repeats with first and second endings, holds, D.C. al Fine

  • Ornaments: grace notes, trills, turns

  • Special Marking: 8va ad lib.

  • Probably not for the first year student because

  • of length

  • Optional 8va in a few pieces

  • Cuttime pieces may be doubled as 4/4

  • Plenty of tempo markings but few metronome

  • Some turns have accidentals

  • Key change within piece

Flute Solos with Piano Accompaniment (Intermediate Level)

  • Pieces include: R. Wagner arr. Adolf Hass: Albumleaf; F. Bertoni arr. Adolf Hass: Canzona; Paul Koepke: Chanson Pastorale; S. Prokofieff trans. H. Voxman: Gavotta from “Classical Symphony”; J. P. Rameau: trans. H. Voxman: Menuet from “Platee”; W. A. Mozart trans. H. Voxman: Menuetto from “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”; A. Borodin arr. Harold L. Walters: Polovtsian Dance from “Prince Igor”; R. Schumann trans. R. Hervig: Slumber Song (Schlummerlied); N. Rimsky-Korsakov arr. Henry W. Davis: Song of India from “Sadko”; J. S. Bach ed. H. Voxman: Two Menuettos from “Flute Sonata in C”; Paul Koepke: Villanella

  • Piano accompaniment is available online as a recording or may be printed

  • Time Signatures: ¾, 6/8, 4/4

  • Key Signatures: C, D, G, Ab, F, Bb, Eb

  • Range of notes: Eb1 A3

  • Rhythm (in addition to above): double dotted quarter-sixteenth, triplets, thirty-second notes

  • Road Maps: D. S. al Coda, menuetto I da capo

  • Ornaments: grace notes, mordents, trills, turns

  • Special Marking: double sharp

  • Optional 8va in a few pieces

  • Plenty of tempo markings but few metronome

  • Some turns have accidentals

  • Key change within piece

  • Occurrence of the dreaded double sharp!

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