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Windstars Book 1 by Bauman and Eisenreich

Windstars Student Book 1

Go for an adventure with Windy, who has aspirations to fly around the world and connect the world through music. Windy helps students learn to play the Dood and Toot instruments using iconic notation (later books use standard notation) and lots of fun songs. The book uses free resources online to give back tracks for for each of the songs, and extra songs to encourage students to learn to play by ear. This colorful book with fun challenges and plenty of space to play would be a great asset to a student going from recorder to flute or starting fresh, especially with the Toot and jFlute interchangeable lip plates. Some songs have lyrics and all songs have back tracks to aid in counting, rhythm, breathing, and phrasing. Directions are provided regularly and concisely, possibly to help non-musical parents. There is also an accompanying Teacher’s Book which helps you along the way with references to online resources and teaching ideas, while also following the student book.


  • Range of notes: C1-C2

  • Order of notes: B1, A1, G1, C2, F1, E1, D1, C1

  • Rhythms: quarter notes, half notes, whole notes, eighth notes, (technically) dotted eighth notes for 6/8

  • Time Signatures: 4/4; 2/4; 6/8

  • Key Signatures: N/A (iconic notation)

  • Other: Repeat sign

  • For use with the Dood and Toot instruments by Nuvo

  • Free resources at

  • Uses iconic notation

  • Windy is a character that pops up throughout the book to assist in learning

  • Challenge questions throughout the book like highest/lowest note, fastest note, how many measures, etc.

  • Lyrics for some songs

Windstars Teacher Book 1

The teacher’s book is a plethora of games and fun activities for young students. Specifically, the simple melodies would be a great help with ear training and steady beat games could be modified and used with older students. The breathing and movement games are a fun way to explore music and production of sounds in a fun and creative atmosphere. Throughout both books are symbols relating to the super six learning experiences (see below), which are their method for teaching music in a variety of experiences.


  • Super six learning experiences: move, echo, improvise, read, write, compose

  • Optional resources online like coloring pages, back tracks, extra music, reward certificates, etc.

  • Teacher book shows standard notation and iconic notation

  • Teacher book also shows chord progressions for songs

Windstars Book 1 Cheat Sheet
Download PDF • 519KB

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