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Updated: May 11, 2021

In this first blog, I wanted to introduce myself. I am Larissa West. I teach flute and perform in the northern Virginia area and have been doing so for 12 years. I love to play and teach flute! I am married to my wonderful husband of 12 years, Jeffrey. He is supportive, encouraging, and has helped me a great deal along the way (including reading my blogs before I post them live). I love to garden and can and preserve my veggies. I also love to crochet afghans, stuffed animals and people, and other accessories.

This blog is for me to fill in some gaps in my knowledge of flute pedagogy and also to process and release a lot of things that I have said over and over. My first couple of blogs will be things that I have been saying over and over again with other flute teachers and students. The following posts, I will be partnering with FlutePlay to work on looking at various flute method books out there. I know firsthand that this can be an expensive and overwhelming process, so I hope this blog may be a resource out there for anyone looking for a book or books to use or just looking for a change. I hope you will join me on this method book journ and exploration of thoughts on music and teaching.

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