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Razzamajazz (Book 1) by Sarah Watts

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

To be honest, I wasn’t all that thrilled when I first got this book with the few notes it had per song and the simple rhythms for the flute part. But once I listened to the companion tracks I got really excited. These are not your normal chintzy kids songs, these are real jazz songs with simple flute parts. They are groovy and fast, with grace notes in the accompaniments as well as swinging eighth notes! I may or may not have played them just to hear the backing track. These pieces would make really fun starters for playing with a piano accompaniment. The songs start off short generally and get longer as the book goes on and more notes are added. Each song labels what flute notes are used and fingering charts for new notes. Heads up for the road maps, dynamics, and tempo/style. I appreciated the CD tracking having a slower practice track just in case a student wasn’t ready to go full speed. Now that I’ve reviewed the book for this blog, I will likely keep this handy for my own students to get them used to playing with accompaniment. (Maybe possibly for myself to hear less chintzy music.)

Razzamajazz Book 1 Cheat Sheet
Download PDF • 396KB


· New notes introduced one at a time

· Includes fingerings for new notes

· Piano and CD accompaniments included

· Some CD tracks included “practice tracks” with a slower tempo as well as performance tracks at faster tempos

· Each piece has listed at the top which notes are used

· In the beginning, key signatures do not affect flute notes

· Metronome markings given for every piece (practice and performance)

· Range of notes: D1-D2

· Order of notes: B1, A1, G1, C2, D2, E1, D1, F1, Bb1, F#1

· Rhythms: quarter notes/rests, half notes/rests, whole notes/rests, eighth notes, dotted quarter

· Time Signatures: 4/4, 3/4

· Key Signatures: no sharps/flats, one sharp, one flat

· Other: fermata, dynamics, tempo markings, accents, ties, staccato, slur, repeat sign, D.S. al Fine, D.S. al Coda

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