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Fluting Stars Book 2 by Ana and Blaz Pucihar

The second book in this series carries on exactly where Book 1 left off. Even better, it shows in the table of contents where Book 1 ends and 2 begins!* This is enormously helpful to me for when I get students who have taken lessons, or played in a band, and don’t necessarily need to start learning flute from the beginning.

What carries on from Book 1 are the fantastic colorful pages, games, and “magazine” content. I love the reference sections we can tab and refer back to if needed. As students progress, the book goes with them as well, encouraging speed and adding scales in a variety of ways. My favorite is the “Notes in a Minute” where students switch between B-flat and B-natural, or something similar with given rhythms, and the student must complete the song in one minute! The wonderful folk and Pucihar songs from the first book continue, without the normal “American band book” songs we’re used to seeing (normal for me, maybe not for you). What I found truly exciting was the addition of larger ensembles – by that I mean more than a duet – two students and a teacher, and up to four students all on different parts. I love the idea of an ensemble experience with so much independence. Both books have a certificate of completion at the end which brings everything to a satisfying conclusion.


· Order of notes: D1 D2 F#1 F#2 A2 B2 C3 Bb2 C#2 C#3 G#1 G#2 A#1 Eb2

· Time signatures: 6/4, 6/8

· Key signatures: no flats/sharps; one flat; one sharp; two sharps; two flats

· Rhythm: dotted quarter note; eighth rest

· Other: Da Capo al Fine; Incomplete Measure; Accidentals, Dynamics; fermata; tempo markings

· Picks up right where book 1 left off.

· Carry-overs: reference sections AKA “Key Leaps”, games, puzzles, ear training, and online accompaniment.

· Very colorful pages and pictures.

· Music from the Pucihars or European folk songs.

· Tackles one-octave scales and arpeggios in slow to fast rhythms.

Fluting Stars 2 Cheat Sheet
Download PDF • 11.32MB

*To be clear, the first book does too, but only AFTER all the intro material. It took me until Book 2 to realize this.

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