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H. Voxman: Rubank Elementary Method

Updated: May 11, 2021

H. Voxman: Rubank Elementary Method

This book holds fond memories for me of being the first method book assigned to me as a flute student. I didn’t receive formal lessons until I was in High School and had severely outgrown most of the music my poor underpaid band director could give me. I played this book some, and several church hymns as well. This book is what I affectionately call a “moldy oldy” and a favorite of many teachers out there. It was written in the 1930s and hasn’t been updated since.

There isn't a true introduction to this book as it starts right into reading music and notes. At the front is a pull-out fingering chart which uses numbered fingerings and a key to the numbers correlating to the flute. In the beginning few lessons new ideas are presented quite clearly and, as the book goes on, are shared more subtly. The top of the page in each lesson provides a mix of new and review concepts to consider. It moves in a dry, straightforward manner, providing an abundance of exercises but without any illustrations or music tidbits. There are a duets and songs sprinkled throughout to help break up the monotony. Scales are introduced in full octaves, and arpeggios are added with scales starting in major and moving to minor. The book ends with short exercises using everything learned throughout the book – starting easy and getting harder – followed by a series of duets from the classical repertoire and folk songs. An interesting note in the time signature department, Voxman uses both Common Time and 4/4, but only uses Alla Breve instead 2/2 marking.

· Range of notes: D1-G3

· Order of notes: B1, A1, G1, C2, G2, F2, E2, D2, E1, G1, B1, A2, B2, C2, F1, Bb1, F#1, F#2, D3, Eb2, E3, D1, F3, C#2, G#2, Ab1, Eb1, D#2, C#2, E#2/3, Db2/3, A#2/3, Fx2, G3

· Rhythm: Whole notes/rests, Half notes/rests, Quarter notes/rests, Dotted half notes, Eighth notes/rests, Dotted quarter note, Sixteenth notes, Dotted eighths, Triplets

· Other: Repeat Dots, Dynamics, Accidentals, Accents, Staccato, Tie, Slur, Syncopation, Trill, Chromatics, Double sharp

For more on these books from other teachers, check out fluteplay and the littleflutes community. #littleflutelearner #allthingslittleflutes

Rubank Elementary Cheat Sheet
Download PDF • 235KB

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